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©2018 PRODIGEE RECORDS/A.I.M./THE ORCHARD/SONY® album released by Mayville man.
KELLY SIMON ksimon@wiscnews.com / Jan 28, 2018
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Have you heard of “The Unheard Of?” If you haven’t, Jim Galaxy (aka Jim Kavel) of Mayville and the members of The Unheard Of are hoping you’ll check out the band’s new self-titled album that was released on the "PRODIGEE RECORDS" label, Distributed by "A.I.M/THE ORCHARD/SONY®" last week. January 16, 2018. “The Unheard Of” is a Garage/Psych band that was formed in 1984 in the Milwaukee area. They released their first single on an independent Milwaukee label and sold or gave it away mainly at their shows. After several line up changes, Galaxy and three other bandmates, Milligan, Montymeyer III and Dietrich played gigs throughout the Midwest and developed a steady following.

“There was this band from Milwaukee called Plasticland and they sold records overseas in the ‘80s and I thought it would be interesting to try that,” said Galaxy. “I gave a friend some records to send over there and we heard back that they wanted more.
“The next thing I know, our music was being distributed to magazines and they were writing that they liked it. People ordered more and then record labels from other countries wanted to release our music. So we have one album out on a French label and three of them out on an Italian label.” Galaxy has a scrapbook filled with fan letters and music reviews from European countries that he had translated.

“My address was printed on the albums and people contacted me from all over Germany, Italy and France,” he said. Of the original band, Galaxy is the only surviving member. The others succumbed to substance abuse. None of them dying as members of The Unheard Of, as they eventially moved on to other projects. That was the lifestyle back then and I didn’t indulge like the others,” said Galaxy. “That’s probably why I’m still around.”

Thinking the music part of his life was over, Galaxy decided to escape the harsh life musicians lead by moving to Dodge County, got married and worked at Mayville Engineering Company in Beaver Dam. M.E.C. “I had been working in Beaver Dam for a while when one day I get this Greek magazine in the mail that had a three-page article on the band. I thought, ‘Wow, our music is still popular overseas, too bad the original band members aren’t around to see this.’”
In 2014, Galaxy received a book in the mail called “The Knights of Fuzz” by Timothy Gassen. The author proclaimed it as the definitive history of the new garage and psychedelic music explosion since 1980. The book included an update about “The Unheard Of,” which read in part, “The 2001 “Revoxination” album continues this U.S. band’s low-fi dark psych campaign. This is so distinctively American in nature — the murky recording, dark fuzz guitars, oddball songs and moody atmosphere are unmistakable of the U.S. garage underground. It’s a little heavier than most, but still with enough psilocybic fumes to keep the proceedings moving upward. Yes, these are the kinds of records that become legendary with time in the garage underground, and deservedly so.”
Galaxy said the book from Gassen took him by surprise and made him think about writing music and playing again. At age 56, he said he may be getting too old for physical factory work. Last summer, a friend of Galaxy’s asked him to help him out and play with a band at Summerfest in Milwaukee. “So I went and a guy from Summerfest recognized me from the old days. He asked if I had any new music,” said Galaxy. “He set me up with a PRODIGEE RECORDS/A.I.M./THE ORCHARD/SONY® rep, she listened to the songs and offered me a contract.”

Galaxy wrote most of the songs on the band’s album, although it also features some covers. “The song ‘The Reasons Why’ I wrote over at MEC on my idle time,” said Galaxy. “So it’s going from a factory in Beaver Dam to everywhere around the world. “I’d be thinking of the words at work and then a melody would pop into my head and I’d work on it when I got home. Then I’d pick up the guitar and decide what key it should be in.”
Current members of “The Unheard Of” are Jim Kavel, Frank Milligan, Mark Dietrich, and Melicio Montemayor III. This line up has been going strong for near 20 years now. Galaxy said "PRODIGEE RECORDS/A.I.M./THE ORCHARD/SONY®" has already lined the band up for a spot at Summerfest on the Renegade Stage.
“A lot of people associate our music with ‘60s music,” he said. “We use some really vintage amps by Vox, that’s what The Beatles used, the keyboards are also Vox and that’s what The Doors used, so it has that kind of ‘60s sound, but it’s all new modern music.” The... PRODIGEE RECORDS label along with "A.I.M./THE ORCHARD/SONY®" album includes eight songs and is available on Amazon, Spotify, iHeart Radio, as well as ITunes. More information can be found on the Facebook page, “The Unheard Of.” as well as "The Unheard Of Fan Club" also on Facebook.
Galaxy said he is optimistic about the future. “I knew I could play and I could still write songs so it was great to start up again — we’ll see where it leads.”
The above is a revised version of the original due to some mistakes made. (Wrong song was quoted as being written.)
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The Knights of Fuzz: the new garage & psychedelic music explosion.
The history of garage rock’s rebirth is now told – through the new book The Knights of Fuzz: the new garage & psychedelic music explosion.
WHO ARE THE KNIGHTS OF FUZZ? The new book celebrates the bands and musicians that have kept the garage and psych music fire burning since 1980. Thousands of bands are featured, including: The Higher State, The Fuzztones, The Sick Rose, The Gruesomes, The Satelliters, Plasticland, The Chesterfield Kings, The Brood, The Prisoners, The Rain Parade, The Miracle Workers, The Nomads, Fortune & Maltese, Girl Trouble, The High Learys, The Smoggers, The Stems, The Sound Explosion, The Unlcaimed, The Woggles, The Unheard Of – and thousands more! The Unheard Of Have Been Knighted 4x In These Two Issue's Thus Far.

Fanzine/Magazine from Athens, Greece. 90's

The 1st edition of "The Knights Of Fuzz" Book.


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